Best Cat Cages

best cat cages

The Top 5 Best Cat Cages Before we start reviewing the best cat cages, have a look at the table below. It shows the most important features you should consider when choosing the best cat cage for your furry friend: The Best Cat Cages – Comparison Table Without further ado, let’s see the full reviews … Read more

Best Cat Carrier

best cat carrier

A cat carrier is an indispensable accessory when caring for your cat. Going to the vet, moving houses, evacuating before a hurricane, at some point, you will need to purchase a cat carrier to safely transport your cat from place A to place B. There is a lot to be considered to choose the best … Read more

Best Cat Litter

best cat litter

Cats are very clean animals. It’s important that the cat litter box is cleaned regularly to keep your cat healthy and in a good mood. Cleaning a cat’s litter tray, however, is not the funniest of activities and it can become really an unpleasant chore if it’s hard to clean. Choosing an appropriate cat litter … Read more

Best Cat Nail Clippers

best cat nail clippers

Trimming a cat’s nails is important to keep your cat’s physical and mental well-being in a good state. Regular clipping will also help reduce the uncontrolled scratching of your furniture. Next to the cat scratching posts and cat nail caps, trimming cat nails is one of the alternatives to a maiming procedure of declawing. Clipping … Read more

Best Flea Treatments for Cats

best flea treatments for cats

Fleas are the most common type of external parasite among felines. They not only make your cat’s skin itchy causing her to scratch and groom excessively. Fleas can also transmit bacterial infections, such as Bartonellosis, internal parasites called tapeworms, and cause serious health problems, such as anemia in young kittens. Fleas can affect the health … Read more

Best Cat Calming Products

best cat calming products

The Top 5 Best Cat Calming Products in 2023 Best Cat Calming Products – Reviews 1. FELIWAY Cat Calming Spray – Best Cat Calming Spray Feliway Cat Calming Spray is one of the most popular and the best cats calming sprays on the market. The spray uses a pheromone-based formula that mimics a cat’s natural … Read more

Best Cat Calming Spray

best cat calming spray

Do you have a cat that tends to get anxious and aggressive? Are you trying to stop unwanted behavior, for example, urine marking, scratching or biting? You don’t need to embark on a long-term journey of training your cat to break an unwanted habit. Instead, you can use a cat calming spray as a quick … Read more

Best Cat Nail Caps

best cat nail caps

Cat nail caps are one of the most effective solutions to prevent cats from scratching your furniture, you or the members of your family. Nails caps are, next to the cat scratching posts to file nails and cat nail clippers, a safe and pain-free alternative to declawing. Many vets and cat associations warn against the … Read more

Best Cat Ear Cleaner

best cat ear cleaner

Cats are phenomenally clean animals, but sometimes they need human help with the places they cannot reach, such as ears. A build-up of ear wax, dirt, and other debris in your cat’s ears creates good conditions for the formation of bacteria, yeast, fungus, and infestation of ear mites which can lead to painful ear infections … Read more

Best Interactive Cat Toys

best interactive cat toys

Cats need plenty of movement and mental stimulation to maintain physical and mental wellbeing. Indoor cats are by design less active and mentally stimulated than their outdoor counterparts. If you have an indoor cat, the best way to keep her active and entertained is to provide your cat with interactive cat toys. Interactive cat toys … Read more