Abyssinian Cat – Breed Information

The handsome and wild-looking Abyssinian cat breed is one in the top 5 most popular cat breeds in the US. Abyssinian cats are highly intelligent, affectionate, energetic and low-maintenance.

abyssinian cat breed

Abyssinian Cat – Personality

Abyssinians are sweet-tempered, affectionate, obedient and highly intelligent cats. Attentive, inquisitive, extremely active and energetic. They love to play and prefer being outdoors than in.

They are a perfect family pet, especially for kids who can match their energy. Abyssinian would not be suitable for an elderly person living alone, who wants a lap-sitting, calm companion.

Abyssinians need a lot of fuss and attention to keep them happy. They don’t like being confined and get depressed if deprived of the company (either a human company or of another cat). Abbys want to be with their owner at all times and would follow them everywhere.

Abyssinian would not be suitable for a professional who spends most of their time outside the home. If you are a professional and want to have an Abyssinian, you will need to provide her with another highly energetic cat as a companion. Otherwise, your Abby will become depressed and miserable.

Abyssinians are one of the smartest cat breeds and known to be almost silent. They only speak when they have something to say, they don’t like ‘babbling’.

To make an Abby happy you will need to give her a lot of attention and play with her a lot. Things like interactive cat toys, cat tree and cat scratching post, will come handy.

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Abyssinian Cat – Physical Characteristics

The Abyssinian cat has medium length, lithe, graceful and muscular body. Head is round and gently wedge-shaped with a medium-sized nose and large, pointed and tufted ears that are set widely apart, which gives them an alert demeanor.

The eyes are large, almond-shaped and expressive. The legs are long, slender and fine-boned with small, oval paws. The fairly long, tapering tail is thick at the base.

Abyssinian’s coat pattern is the result of a gene (Agouti) which makes each hair striped dark and light bands.

Size: medium

Body shape: lithe and muscular

Head shape: gently wedge-shaped

Wight: 3 – 5.5kg (6.5 – 12 lb)

Coat: glossy and soft, but also dense and resilient to the touch

Lifespan: 14+ years

Colors: ticked coat in ruddy brown, sorrel, blue, fawn, lilac, silver sorrel, silver blue, tortoiseshell, chocolate, red and cream

Eyes: large and almond-shaped, amber, hazel or green

abyssinian cats

Abyssinian Cat – Origin

The Abyssinian cat breed is one of the oldest of all domesticated cat breeds. The exact origin of this cat breed has never been confirmed 100%, but many believe the cats came from Abyssinia (currently Ethiopia).

Abyssinian cats are similar in appearance to cats illustrated in tombs and cat mummies in ancient Egypt. Many Abyssinian lovers believe that the cats are direct descendants of the sacred cats of the pharaohs.

The breed was first established in Britain in 1868 by soldiers returning from the war in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) and was accepted as a breed in 1882. America received two Abyssinians from England in the early 1900s.

Abyssinian Cat – Grooming

Abyssinians are very low maintenance cats. They are easy to groom. They don’t shed a lot, need a brush only once a week.

Abyssinian Cat – Health

Abyssinian is generally a healthy cat, however, prone to a few health problems: gum disease and luxating patella.

Abyssinian Cat – Nutrition

abyssinian cat information

Books, Gadgets and Gift Ideas for Abyssinian Cat Lovers

If you are in love with these wild-looking, elegant cats, or you know someone who is, here is a list of books and gadgets with an Abyssinian cat theme:

1. Abyssinian Cat Owner’s Manual


2. The Mountain Men’s Abyssinian T-Shirt


3. Abyssinian Absorbent Stone Coasters


4. Unisex Abyssinian Cat Photo Watch with Black Leather


5. Abyssinian Cat Themed Etched Wine Glass


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