How to Care for and Clean a Cat Harness

how to care for and clean a cat harness

If you are one of the millions of cat owners who use a cat harness, you might be wondering how to care for and clean it properly. Caring for and cleaning your cat harness is not only good for hygiene, but also for your cat’s well-being. A dirty or damaged cat harness can cause skin … Read more

Best Cat Harness No Escape

best cat harness

Ever had a scare when your cat almost slipped out of their harness? Finding the right no-escape cat harness is crucial for any cat owner wanting to safely explore the outdoors with their feline friend. This guide cuts through the clutter, highlighting key features that make a harness escape-proof and how to secure the perfect … Read more

Best Cat Scratching Post

best cat scratching posts

Are you looking for ways to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture? You know that declawing is not an option, don’t you? Scratching is natural for cats. They do it for the following reasons: – to exercise and fully stretch all the muscles and tendons in their body – to remove an outer layer … Read more

Best Cat Shampoo

Best Cat Shampoo

Best Cat Shampoo – Buyer’s Guide Cats are some of the cleanest animals in the world. Cats constantly clean themselves meticulously, spending from one-third to fifty percent of their waking time on this activity. Their flexible spines make it possible to reach every place of their body. If not needed, it’s better to leave your … Read more

Best Outdoor Cat House

best outdoor cat house

Cats are well-fitted to spend their time outdoors, however, they still need shelter and protection from the elements. If you have an outdoor-loving cat or you want to give shelter to a stray cat, you should consider providing your kitten with an outdoor cat house. With a high number of various cat shelters on the … Read more

Best Heated Cat Beds

best heated cat beds

A heated cat bed is a comfortable place for cats to sleep and relax. Cats are territorial animals, so they like to have their own space. They can curl up in the heated bed and feel warm, safe, and secure. The heated cat bed will provide your cat with a soft, warm place to sleep … Read more

Best Outdoor Cat Enclosures

best outdoor cat enclosures

Outdoor cat enclosures and cat playpens can provide your cat with a bit of outdoor fun in a safe and controlled environment. A proper cat enclosure will keep your cat contained and not let them escape. It will also keep your cat safe from predators. To save you time, we have investigated dozens of different … Read more

Best Cat Trees

best cat trees

A cat tree covers several cat needs like climbing, playing, scratching and hiding. Providing your feline friend with a cat tree is a great way to keep her active, entertained, mentally stimulated and happy. If you have an indoor cat, the cat tree is truly an indispensable piece of cat furniture in your home. There … Read more

Best Cat Window Perch

best cat window perch

Cats love looking out of the window and observing their surroundings. Watching birds, people and other animals from a safe place is for an indoor cat a great entertainment. A window cat perch can provide your cat with a comfortable vantage point where she can also relax and take a nap. With plenty of different … Read more

Best Automatic Cat Feeder

best automatic cat feeder

Is your cat waking you up every morning to ask for food? Are you worried that your cat will go hungry if you stay late at work? Or perhaps you can’t go away for this long weekend because nobody will be at home to feed your furry friend? If you face the problems above, the … Read more