Cat Home Decor

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Are you looking for cat-themed home decor ideas? We have collated a list of cat-themed home decor accessories for you to take inspiration from.

We split the cat home decor ideas into different areas of the house: kitchen, bathroom, living room, garden. Enjoy!

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Cat Home Decor – Living Room

1. Cat Activity Wall Shelves



Wall shelves designed for your cat’s health and wellness. Elagant and simple design to complement your living room. The construction allows cats to climb, perch, scratch, jump, lounge and play. Easy wall mounted assembly.

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2. Felt Cat Bed Cave



A modern-looking handmade cat cave that will provide your cat with a warm and cozy place to play, rest and sleep. Made from 100% merino wool. Modern design and sleek look will add a spcial touch to your living room.

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3. Cat Tree Cat Tower for Cat Activity with Scratching



A buituful cat scratching post and perch that will add style to any living room. Made with handmade paper rope and felt. Perfect for scratching, playing and perching. Dimensions: 19” x 15” x 25”. For cuts up to 15lbs.

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4. Cat Tree & Cat Scratching Post



Sturdy, multi-level cat activity tree featuring beautiful, all natural woven rattan that will brighten up any living room. Features perch bed, a cubby retreat, and ball & bell to tempt playful recreation. Dimensions: 18” L x 17.6” W x 31.5” H.

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5. Cat Wall Art Prints


Beautiful cat wall prints that will bring a lively and cheerful feel to your living room space. Unframed. Dimensions: 8” x 10” (3Pcs/Set).


Cat Home Decor – Kitchen

1. Cat-Themed Mat Rug for Kitchen



The rugs are very attractive and very soft & spongy to stand on when preparing food or washing dishes. The size of the mat is approximately 120cm L x 50cm W (47″ L x 20″ W). The rugs are non-slip when you step on them.

2. Cat-Themed Dish Towels


Set of 3 ultra absorbent dish towels. Made from 100% cotton fabric. Dimensions: 18″ x 28″. Machine washable. The towels are lightweight, super absorbent and dry quickly.

3. Paw Shaped Bamboo Serving and Cutting Board



The paw-shaped bamboo serving and cutting board measures 11″ x 10″ x 5/8″. It’s made of organically-grown Moso bamboo. This type of bamboo is a renewable resource that grows back quickly, preserving hardwood forests. The board is lightweight, knife friendly and easy to care. The juice wells surround each pad of the paw catching any liquids to keep surfaces cleaner.

4. Heat Resistant Cooking Gloves



12” long cooking gloves that fit most averge hands. The gloves are flexible and don’t restrict any motion. Easy to care and machine washable. The lining of the oven mitts is a very soft cotton fabric.

5. Cat Salt & Pepper Shaker Set


High quality ceramic salt & pepper shaker set. Lead and cadium free. Dishwasher safe. Stylish and sleek look.

Cat Home Decor – Bathroom

1. Cat-Themed Shower Curtains



Non-PVC shower curtain with elegant black cat ornaments. Made from water-repellent and quick-drying fabric. Metal grommets are rust-proof and top-header reinforced for better durability. Machine washable.

2. Cat Shaped Microfiber Absorbent Bathroom Mat



Anti-slip doormat pad made from high pile microfiber. The mat has ability to absorb water fast. Machine washable in cold water with mild detergent. Dimensions: 23.6″ x 23.6″ (60cm x 60cm).

3. Ceramic Cat Toilet Brush and Holder



Made of high-quality ceramic cat-shaped toilet holder and brush. Open-back design allows for fast brush drying. Dimensions: 10″ x 6″.

4. Storage Basket / Laundry Basket Organizer



This storage basket can be used to organize blankets, clothes, toys or simply keep the laundry in. Made of 100% ECO cotton with no bad chemical smell. Dimensions: 15.7″ L×13″ W×13.4″ H.

5. Cat Paper Roll/Towel Holder



16” high cat shaped paper roll/towel holder can hold up to 3 rolls of toilet paper or hold a single roll of paper towels. Weighty cast iron construction keeps this cat paper towel holder stable and in place during use. Antiqued bronze finish.


Cat Home Decor – Garden

1. Outdoor Cat House



Beautiful outdoor cat house to provide a cozy and safe space for your cat outdoors and to add elegant accent to your garden. The house features an escape door so your cat can escape if a predator comes inside.

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2. Cat Garden Gnome Statue Figurine



Hand-painted resin cat statute. A perfect centerpiece for your garden. Dimensions: 10” tall by 5” at the widest point.


3. Solar Decorative Paw Print Garden Lights



Outdoor solar lights in a cat paw shape. Waterproof. Made from durable plastic and the wires. Four paw prints press into grass or dirt up to 3 feet apart anywhere in your yard. Each walkway paw print decor light measures 3.5”.


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