Best Cat Toys for Older Cats

best cat toys for older cats

Although older cats are less active and prefer to spend more time lounging or sleeping, they still need a bit of mental and physical stimulation to keep their mind and body fit. You should pick toys for your senior cat carefully. The toys that made your cat’s body twist and jump in the past, are … Read more

Best Toys for Kittens

best toys for kittens

Playing plays a vital role in a kitten’s development. It helps a kitten with socialization, staying fit, and mentally alert. As kittens are uber-active and mischievous, it’s also important to channel their endless energy in the right direction. A bored, understimulated kitty is more likely to display destructive behaviors like scratching furniture or aggression. Providing … Read more

Best Interactive Cat Toys

best interactive cat toys

Cats need plenty of movement and mental stimulation to maintain physical and mental wellbeing. Indoor cats are by design less active and mentally stimulated than their outdoor counterparts. If you have an indoor cat, the best way to keep her active and entertained is to provide your cat with interactive cat toys. Interactive cat toys … Read more