How do cats like it? – The art of serving cats food

Are you getting frustrated when your cat doesn’t want to eat what you are giving him? Unfortunately, many cat owners are making some very basic mistakes when serving cats food which make your cat fuss about it. Follow these simple rules and your cat should always enjoy their meals. As the rule of thumb – treat your cat the same way as you would treat yourself. In case you don’t have time to feed your cat, use an automatic cat feeder. Here is a list where you can choose the best automatic cat feeder for wet food on the market.

1. The meticulous cleanness

Cats are the ultimate pedants also when it comes to food, so respect their sense of cleanness and always serve their food in a clean bowl, with the solid food properly separated from the water or any other liquid. At all means try not to contaminate the water with the solid food – a cat will feel just the same as you would feel having to drink the filthy water.

cat food

2. Fresh, fresh, fresh

Cats like everything fresh, so change the water and solid food frequently. Try not to give too much solid food at once, as any leftovers you will most probably have to throw away, as your cat won’t even look at them.

3. All about timing

Cats are the animals of a habit, therefore ideally you should feed your cat at the same times of a day and serve food in the same place each time. The cats will appreciate the routine which makes their life predictable and peaceful just as they like it to be. It will make your life easier too, as it will be easier to feed your cat according to its daily dietary requirements.

cat food

4. Don’t you dare…

Of course cats and dogs can live next to each other, but you must not give your cat the dog’s or any other pet’s food. Would you like to be fed with dogs food? Cat feels exactly the same.

5. Don’t you care about my senses human?

Do you like eating cold or smelly food? I bet you don’t, so do not do that to your cat neither. Cats’ senses are a few times stronger than humans’, therefore they won’t eat anything that is served at the wrong temperature or does not have the right smell. Try to always give your cat food in room temperature. You must also never give your cat spoiled food. That may result in unnecessary illness and more problems for you.