Chartreux Cat – Breed Information

chartreux cat breedChartreux cat breed is an old natural breed originated from France. The breed is very rare and easily mistaken with a British Shorthair. 

The strong and muscular body of the Chartreux cat makes them excellent hunters, highly prised by farmers.

Chartreux cat is smart, low-maintenance and almost totally mute. Intelligent, playful and loyal, makes for a wonderful companion.

Chartreux Cat – Personality

Chartreux cats are intelligent, attentive and gentle. They have an empathetic and loving personality, totally devoted to their owner. Although they are loyal, they are also reasonably independent and won’t be too clingy. 

The cats are agile, athletic and love playing games. They keep active even in their adult years. They easily adapt to the changing situation or environment. Chartreux cats are excellent with children, other cats, dogs and strangers.

Chartreux cats are quiet with a tiny voice and a sweet, smiling expression. Many are completely mute, they purr but not meow, while others occasionally emit a gentle, high-pitched miaow or chirp.

chartreux cat breed facts

Chartreux Cat – Physical Attributes

Chartreux cats have strong muscular, stocky bodies with a round, broad head and a short, straight nose. The ears are medium-sized and have round tips. The eyes are large and round, gold, copper or brilliant orange. The tail is short and thick.

They have a beautiful grey-blue double coat, which is soft and lush and requires little grooming. Due to the structure of the head and the tapered muzzles, the Chartreux cat has a distinguish smiling expression.

Chartreux cats can be easily mistaken with a British Shorthair cat. Their faces aren’t though as rammed, chubby and as extremely looking.

Chartreux is a slow maturing cat breed. It takes around two years for a Chartreux cat to reach adulthood.

Size: medium to large

Body shape: muscular and stocky (cobby)

Head shape: round and broad

Wight: 3 – 5.5kg (6.5 – 12 lb)

Coat: short and dense

Lifespan: 15+ years

Colors: blue with silver highlights

Eyes: large and round, gold, copper or brilliant orange

chartreux cats

Chartreux Cat – Origin

Chartreux is an old natural breed that is believed to have originated in the Middle Ages as companions to the monks of La Grande Chartreuse, in France.

The breed declined massively during WW1 and the European breeders put a lot of effort to keep the breed alive. The first Chartreux were brought to the USA in 1971.

Chartreux Cat – Grooming

Although Chartreux cats have a thick, double coat they are still low-maintenance cats. It’s enough to comb them once or twice a week.

Chartreux Cat – Health

Typically for any natural breed, Chartreux cats are generally very healthy.

Chartreux Cat – Nutrition

chartreux cat breed information

Books, Gadgets and Gift Ideas for Chartreux Cat Lovers

If you are in love with these graceful, sweet-natured cats, or you know someone who is, here is a list of books and gadgets with a Chartreux cat theme:

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4. ROMWE Women’s Cat Print Lightweight Sweatshirt


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