Norwegian Forest Cat – Breed Information

norwegian forest cat breedThe Norwegian Forest Cat breed is a natural born cat breed from Norway. In Norway called ‘skogkatt’, in the US and the English-speaking countries, they got a nickname ‘Wedgies’.

They are hardy, rugged cats that are adapted well to bitter Scandinavian winters. In the old days, they were the favorite companions of Vikings.

These cats love people and like being around people, but not to the point of harassment. They are intelligent, athletic and provide a friendly and playful company.

Due to their thick coats and excessive molting in spring, they require frequent and thorough brushing.

Norwegian Forest Cat – Personality

Norwegian Forest Cats are perfect companions. They love people and being around them, but at the same time, they don’t harass for attention.

Wedgies make for a perfect family pet. They are kind, friendly and even-tempered. They are calm and get along well with kids and other cats and dogs.

Norwegian Forest Cats are intelligent and like mental stimulation by training and teaching them new tricks.

Wedgies are not super active cats, but they love climbing and being up high. It’s a good idea to provide them with a high cat tree where they could survey their environment from a vantage point.

This breed of cats is naturally outdoor, but Wedgies will adapt to indoor life as long as there is plenty of space for them.

norwegian forest cat breed information

Norwegian Forest Cat – Physical Attributes

Norwegian Forest Cats have strong, sturdy and well-muscled bodies and triangular heads. The ears and paws are tufted. The tail is long and plumed.

They have a thick, double coat which is water-resistant. It keeps out wind and snow, keeps in warmth and, after being drenched, dries out in 15 minutes.

Norwegian Forest Cats are easily mistaken with Main Coons. The difference between these two cat breeds is that Maine Coons have long, almost rectangle bodies. Norwegian Forest Cats have shorter, more compact bodies.

Size: large

Body shape: large and well-muscled, compact

Head shape: triangular-shaped

Wight: 6 – 9kg (13 – 20 lb)

Coat: long, smooth and shaggy with a woolly undercoat

Lifespan: 12+ years

Colors:  all colors and patterns

Eyes: almond-shaped, any color

norwegian forest cat facts

Norwegian Forest Cat – Origin

The Norwegian Forest Cat breed is a natural born cat breed originated in Norway. Norwegian Forest Cats were favorite companions of Vikings.

Norwegian Forest Cat – Grooming

Norwegian Forest Cats have very dense, double coats. They require regular and thorough grooming to keep the coat in good condition.

Norwegian Forest Cat – Health

Norwegian Forest Cats are generally healthy, except some may experience polycystic kidney disease.

Norwegian Forest Cat – Nutrition

norwegian forest cats


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