Ragdoll Cat – Breed Information

ragdoll cat breedThe Ragdoll cat breed is sweet-natured, affectionate, calm and relaxed. It’s playful, loves children and goes well with other pets.

It took its name from a propensity to become very limp when you pick it up. Researchers still cannot explain the ‘floppiness’ that the cat exhibits.

It’s also one of the largest cat breeds (along with Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat).

Ragdoll Cat – Personality

Ragdoll cats are perfect family pets and ideal for first-time cats. They are sweet-natured, friendly and affectionate. They quickly become devoted to their owner.

They love attention. Some people describe them as ‘puppy’ cats as they like to follow their owners from room to room.

Ragdolls are also very calm, relaxed and tolerant. They love children and go along well with other pets, both cats and dogs.

These cats are playful for most of their life. They play gently without extending their claws.

Ragdolls make first-class indoor pets. They can do well in urban apartments.

ragdoll cat breed information

Ragdoll Cat – Physical Attributes

Ragdoll cats have a powerful and imposing physique with a long and muscular body, sturdy legs and large, round paws. They are giant, are large-boned and strong.

They have striking blue and oval-shaped eyes. They are similar in appearance to the Birman, but with long hair. Their coat is full, fluffy and silky.

Ragdolls are pointed, which means their face, legs, ears and tail are darker than the rest of the body.

Size: large

Body shape: muscular and stocky (cobby)

Head shape: round and broad

Wight: 4.5 – 9kg (10 – 20 lb)

Coat: long, full and silky

Lifespan: 14+ years

Colors: pale fawn with color points, recognized coat patterns include the Bi-color (pale body, white chest, underbelly and legs, and dark, mask, ears and tail), the Colorpoint (pale body and darker points) and the Mitted (a Colorpoint with white chest, bib, chin and front paw ‘mittens’)

Eyes: intense blue and oval-shaped

ragdoll kitten

Ragdoll Cat – Origin

The Ragdoll cat breed originated in California in the 1960s from the crossing of White Persian (Angora) cats and Birmans, with Burmese blood being subsequently introduced.

Ragdoll Cat – Grooming

Ragdoll cats have long, full and silky coats that need regular grooming.

Ragdoll Cat – Health

Ragdolls are prone to heart, kidney and urinary tract diseases.

Ragdoll Cat – Nutrition

ragdoll cat facts

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