Birman Cat – Breed Information

birman cat breedBirman cat, also known as a sacred cat of Burma, is an ancient breed originated from Burma, a companion to the Burmese priest.

With an impressive fluffy coat, characteristic coat pattern and sapphire eyes, Birman cat has some very striking look.

Sweet-natured, affectionated and easy to handle, the Birman cat makes for an ideal family pet and a wonderful companion.

Birman Cat – Personality

Birman cats are charming and sweet-natured. They are very easy to handle. They are highly amenable, well mannered and gentle. 

They love affection and attention. They enjoy family life, easily adapt to other pets, including dogs. Being kind and playful, they make for a perfect family cat.

As typical for longhairs, Birman cats may appear to be a bit less vivid and energetic than the shorthairs.

Birman cat is quite quiet, as opposed to the very loud Siamese.

birman cat breed information

Birman Cat – Physical Attributes

The body of the Birman cat is strongly built, elongated but still quite stocky, neither svelte nor cobby. The head is fairly round, and broad with full cheeks and a medium-length nose. The eyes are almost round and slightly slanted, in sapphire blue color.

The medium-sized, round-tipped ears are almost as wide at the base as they are tall. The legs are short and thick set, with large round paws. The tail is medium length and bushy, but longer and finer than in most longhairs.

The coat of a Birman cat is sem-long, silky and fluffy. It requires frequent brushing and combing.

Birman cats are similar in look to Siamese, because of their distinguished coat pattern as well as the sapphire blue eyes. Similarly to Siamese, the Birman kittens are born totally white. They develop a coat pattern only after a few weeks.

Birman cats can sometimes be mistaken with Ragdoll cats. Birmans are much smaller than Ragdolls and they have a solid pattern on their face, whereas Ragdolls have a white line across their face.

Size: medium

Body shape: strong, elongated and quite stocky (neither svelte nor cobby)

Head shape: round and broad

Wight: 2.5 – 6kg (5.5 – 13 lb)

Coat: semi-longhair, silky and fluffy

Lifespan: 14+ years

Colors: beige-gold or blush-white with points similar to Siamese, of various colors, including seal-brown (Seal-point), chocolate (Chocolate-point), blue-gray (Blue-point), and pink-tinged gray (Lilac-point); the front paws are tipped with white, and the back paws have white gloves at the front and white gauntlets at the rear, finishing in a point up the back of the legs.

Eyes: almost round, set well apart and slightly slanted; sapphire blue

birman cats

Birman Cat – Origin

Birman, also called a sacred cat of Birma, originated in ancient Burma (currently Myanmar). It was a companion cat of Burmese priest.

The breed in the West was founded by two cats sent to a Major Gordon Russell in France in 1919, as a token of gratitude from the priests he had helped escape from Tibet.

Birman Cat – Grooming

Birman cats have semi-long, fluffy coats, therefore they require moderate grooming requirements. Preferably you should brush or comb the Birman’s coat every day or every second day to maintain a healthy and beautiful coat.

Birman Cat – Health

Birmans are generally healthy cats, although they have problems with sinuses.

Birman Cat – Nutrition

birman cat facts

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