Russian Blue Cat – Breed Information

russian blue cat breedThe stately looking Russian Blue cat breed, also known as Archangel cat, is amongst the most intelligent cat breeds.

Russian Blue cats are very quiet, gentle, loyal and well-behaved. They are people-orientated and loyal, however, they also like to have their own space.

As usual with shorthair breeds, they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

Russian Blue Cat – Personality

Russian Blues are intelligent, well-behaved, very quiet and people-orientated cats. They are sweet-natured, loyal and gentle.

They like being with people and get along well with other cats and dogs, however, they also have pretty reserved character. They won’t be all over their owner. They don’t like excessive handling and they prefer calm environments.

Russian Blues make for a very good family pet, however, they may not like being around very small children (younger than 6) who like to tease and excessively hold and touch pets.

Russians Blues don’t like changes, they thrive best in a non-changing, calm environment and routine. They prefer indoor life, as outdoors they can get disorientated.

Young Russian Blue kittens are high-energy, however, older cats tend to be more sedate. The Russian Blue breed is perfect for older people, who may like to have a calm and well-natured companion who doesn’t demand a lot of fuss and attention.

Russian Blues are one of the most intelligent cat breeds. They get easily trained to walk in a cat harness and leash.

russian blue cat breed information

Russian Blue Cat – Physical Attributes

Russian Blues have long, lean, elegant bodies and long, fine-boned legs. There is a long slender neck and a long tail tapering from a moderately thick base. Head is short and wedge-shaped with a medium-long nose and large, slightly pointed and almost transparent ears. Russian Blues have almost cobra-like face with a smiling expression. The eyes are large and wide-set, almond-shaped in the UK, more round in the USA, with vivid green color. Russian Blues have dense and plush coats. Silver tipped fur gives a cat a gleaming shine and steely gray color.

Size: medium

Body shape: long and fine-boned

Head shape: wedge-shaped

Wight: 2.5 – 5.5kg (5.5 – 12 lb)

Coat: plush steely grey coat with an undercoat

Lifespan: 14+ years

Colors: state blue or pale blue with a distinct sheen created by silver-tipped guard hairs

Eyes: large, wide-set vivid green eyes, almond-shaped in Britain, more rounded in the USA

russian blue cats

Russian Blue Cat – Origin

Russian Blue is a natural breed (originated without recent mutation or human interference) that evolved in Northern Russia and Northern Scandinavia at the end of the 1800s. The breed declined after WW2 but was revived in the late 1960s.

Russian Blue Cat – Grooming

Russian Blues are low maintenance and easy to groom cats. They have a pretty thick undercoat and shed more than other shorthairs, like for example, Abyssinians. Nevertheless, it’s still enough to have them brushed once, maximum twice a week.

Russian Blue Cat – Health

Russian Blues are very healthy cats. Thanks to them being a natural cat breed, they don’t have any particular health problems and can live a long life.

Russian Blue Cat – Nutrition

russian blue cat facts

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